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Welcome to the Fusion Airways Pilot Recruiting Center. We are pleased that you are considering a career at Fusion Airways, and we want to take a few minutes of your time to show you what Fusion has to offer and what makes Fusion truly the most realistic Virtual Airline on the net.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us anytime and we will respond as soon as we can.

Here's what you can expect at Fusion Airways:

Realistic Growth

Fusion Airways is not the typical "we operate every aircraft" virtual airline, our carefully calculated growth is based on our actual financial Boeing 737-800performance. We operate a fleet that is proportional to our performance in the aviation community, and our schedule schedules our aircraft for the actual number that we operate. We can't serve every destination in the country, and each destination we do serve is carefully selected and scheduled for the maximum amount of realism and popularity.

Currently, Fusion Airways operates Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Airbus A321, and Boeing 777s. The Fusion fleet is realistically grown based upon the revenue obtained from actual flights that are flown by our crew members, and existing fleet types are expanded before new aircraft are added due to the cost savings that the airline can obtain through fleet commonality.

Our continued expansion relies on the flights flown by each and every one of our crew members, and our crew member's commitment to safety, and efficiency as well as our outstanding teamwork and the entire airline's commitment to fun and furthering such a fascinating hobby.

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Advanced Financials
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Fusion Airways operates the most realistic Virtual Airline financial system in the world. Our custom system simulates every aspect of a flight, from staffing costs, fuel costs, landing fees to the revenues generated not only from ticket sales but excess bag fees, cargo, and in-flight entertainment. Utilizing our advanced fleet tracking system, our revenue systems use realistically generated ticket prices to project revenue on our flights. When a crew member files a Pilot Report (PIREP) the information that is reported by that crew member (such as passenger numbers and amount of cargo) is used to calculate the specific revenue information for that flight. Every crew member receives virtual pay for each flight, which can be used in the near future to purchase discount codes to airport sceneries, seniority upgrades, and Fusion merchandise. After a crew member's PIREP is approved, they will receive an automated e-mail with the breakdown of the financial for their specific flight.

How does Fusion's passenger revenue simulator work? Fusion Airways utilizes a reservation system with 10 basic fare buckets. Each fare bucket has specific criteria for restrictions, class of travel, perks and advanced purchase. Most sale prices are created from the "U" bucket which contains the least number of seats (approximately 5-8% of the aircraft's capacity). Other seats fill the other 10 ticket buckets. Fusion Airways is proud to offer an award winning First Class product on most flights, however on routes that do not offer first class our system does allow first class to be booked for connecting passengers, or passengers that need a flexible and refundable ticket.

With this realism, Fusion generates real-time statistics including revenue, revenue per available seat miles (RASM), cost per available seat mile (CASM), and load factors which are all utilized when planning new routes.

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Dispatch ReleaseFusion Airways utilizes an advanced webpage script to automatically generate dispatch releases for flights that our crew members wish to fly. Crew Members input simple parameters, such as cruising altitude, extra fuel, and a route and the system will automatically generate a Part 121 compliant dispatch release. The release shows basic information about the flight including passenger and cargo counts, and it includes more advanced fuel burn and weather information for the planned routing. The dispatch release also contains the current ILS Certification level of the particular aircraft, and whether or not an autoland is required for CATIII ILS currency (if applicable). Finally, the release contains information about any possible Minimum Equipment List (MEL) items that were deferred on this particular flight.

The system also has the capability for a real-life Fusion Airways dispatcher to dispatch your particular flight, fine tune and automatically calculated numbers and virtually "sign" the release at the bottom. All dispatch releases have the option of generating the necessary files for one-click FSACARS tracking.

Click on the release to the left to view an example, this particular flight is Fusion Airways flight 302 from San Francisco, California to Denver, Colorado. This Boeing 737-800 will require almost 19,000 pounds of fuel for the trip including Taxi, Enroute Burn, Alternate, Extra and FAR Reserve fuel. The aircraft is currently at an ILS CAT II Status, and requires an autoland for CATIII Currency.





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ACARS and PIREP Header

Fusion Airways is proud to be an industry leader in four click PIREP filing. After dispatching a flight, Fusion Airways crewmembers can use FSACARS to track their entire flight and communicate with Fusion Airways System Operations Control (SOC) dispatchers in San Francisco. FSACARS LogoDispatchers are online during high-traffic times, and during VATSIM events, to manage the flow of Fusion flights over the world. Dispatchers are responsible for gate planning, fuel planning, diversions, emergency assistance, and for communicating with Air Traffic Control regarding any possible delays. If a dispatcher learns of any delay, they will immediately update the flight status to provide the latest information to Fusion's virtual passengers.

After landing, Crew Members have a very simple process to file a PIREP. After shutting down, the crew member simply needs to stop ACARS, accept the flight, and send the flight to Fusion. That is all. If a pilot needs to complete an aircraft logbook entry (for example they performed a CATIII landing for currency, or there was a defect noted on the flight) the pilot can do this through the PIREP form on our website, or directly through the aircraft management portal. This allows Fusion to track any aircraft abnormalities and either repair them or MEL them until the aircraft can be maintained at a maintenance base.

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Fleet Tracking Header

Fusion Airways is an industry leader in fleet tracking, and we have one of the most advanced fleet tracking systems of a virtual airline in the world. From tracking the specific gross weight of specific aircraft in our fleet, to constantly being keenly aware of Fleet Tracking Photomaintenance requirements Fusion Airways tracks it all. When a pilot reports a discrepancy on an aircraft, our virtual maintenance crews can examine the problem and either place the item on a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) deferment, or find a substitute aircraft and remove the particular airframe from service. MEL'ed items will show up on all dispatch releases until the aircraft reaches a maintenance base where the problem can be rectified. Fusion Airways also tracks it's ILS Currency with extreme attention to detail. In the real-world, aircraft that are CATIIIb/c ILS certified require an autoland every 30 days to demonstrate CATIIIb/c proficiency. Fusion's fleet tracking system tracks aircraft ILS status in real-time, and will display a warning to the pilot of a dispatched airframe if that airframe has an ILS Category restriction. Fusion Airways also tracks the income, expenditure, engine and airframe cycles for each aircraft in it's fleet, as well as important maintenance information such as the last inspection and when the next inspection is due for when the aircraft reaches a system maintenance base.

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Industry Leading Web

Bid PackageFusion Airways is the only virtual airline to implement a seniority based bidding system. Fusion Crew Members get to bid for their flights just as real-world pilots do, using a state of the art bid center which allows pilots to select and bid on lines in their specific aircraft program. After the bidding period has begun, pilots can release their existing line and select another line to fly. Pilots that do not bid are placed on 'reserve status' and they can bid on remaining flight packages on a first-come first-served basis. Fusion Airways utilizes the latest PHP technology to deliver a website that is user-friendly, fast, efficient, and innovative. One of Fusion's major goals is to provide a website to our crew members that combines the latest features in a user-friendly design to not only deliver the best experience to our crew members, but to deliver one that anyone can access freely. Fusion Airways also utilizes emerging social networking media, such as our blog, twitter feed and forums. All of these technologies allow Fusion Airways to communicate with our crew members directly to view how the airline is operating, and what needs to be adjusted.



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Helpful Management Head

We are here to help. Fusion Airways' management has over 10 years combined experience in the Virtual Aviation Industry, and we are always here for any questions, comments, or concerns. If at anytime during your virtual career at Fusion you encounter a problem, each and every one of Fusion's management team members has an open door policy, and can be contacted at any time. You can reach us through the forums, or through the Contact Us page.

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Do you like what you see? We would love to show you what positions we currently have available, and have you join our team of dedicated virtual aviation professionals. Welcome aboard Fusion Airways!

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