Our Service Commitment to You

Our Commitment Goes Beyond Saying "Hello and Welcome aboard Fusion Airways." What follows is our written commitment to our passengers and crew members.

10. Fusion Airways Staff will provide proper notice to pilots in advanced of a staff meeting involving changes affecting the pilots.

9. Fusion Airways will attempt to offer the latest bug-free versions of Software, Fleet and Website Scripting to give our crew members the ability to better the efficiency of the airline as a whole.

8. Fusion Airways Staff will provide notice of cancelled destinations, applicable NOTAMS and/or Travel Advisories via both the Forums and a Link provided on the main webpage within 4 hours of the NOTAM/Travel Advisory going into effect.

7. Fusion Airways will provide bi-weekly e-mails to each of our pilots who opted to "Receive E-Mails From Staff" to better inform and connect to each of our crew members.

6. In the event of mechanical breakdown, Fusion Airways will notify all crew members and scheduled passengers via a NOTAM on the Website displayed when the affected aircraft is selected for booking. Additionally, Fusion Airways will rebook all affected passengers on the next available flight with open seating.

5. Fusion Airways will provide fair and equal employment not based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national orgin or any other factors but rather on submitted applications, interviews, letters of recommendations and additional information provided by the employee (or future employee). Fusion Airways is an equal opportunity virtual employer.

4. Fusion Airways will be responsive to crew member suggestions and comments and will ensure that suggestions are discussed at corporate/staff meetings or in the approprate forum. Fusion Airways strives to constantly refine the airline to make it a more enjoyable place for our crew members and patrons.

3. Fusion Airways will notify all pilots of termination, pending termination or employment within 48 hours after the application/formal letter of termination is received/transmitted.

2. Fusion Airways will be responsive to crew member complaints, comments or questions and will respond to any comments within 48 hours.

1. Fusion Airways will ensure that above all, all crew members are constantly able to improve their skills and knowledge in a rich, dynamic, educational and supportive environment.


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